Botox and Dysport

Botox Injection - Cosmetic DermatologyBotox® and Dysport™ offer quick and minimally invasive options for reducing or even eliminating the deep “frown lines” that can appear between your brows. Both products require a few quick injections and no down time, to essentially inhibit the release of the chemical that causes your brow muscles to contract. Since results can last several months, it is important to choose an experienced physician to administer these products.

During your visit, our Team of Doctors at North Valley Dermatology, will conduct a personal assessment to help prescribe the right product and quantity to be injected with the goal of achieving the results you want without making your facial expressions, like smiles, frowns and surprise, seem stiff or fake.

If you are interested in receiving Botox or Dysport treatments, call (623) 215-0911 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today.