Mohs Micrographic Surgery

We are happy to announce Dr. Douglas Heiner, M.D. will be joining our practice August 2015.

Dr Heiner is a board certified Dermatologist with a Fellowship in Mohs Micrographic Surgery / Procedural Dermatology.

North Valley Dermatology is one of just a handful of locations nationwide capable of offering Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery.

Traditional skin cancer surgery requires the surgeon to guess at the size and depth of the cancer to be removed and then wait for pathology results to determine whether the cancer has been completely eliminated. Patients often endure larger than necessary wounds in the treatment area or repeated surgical procedures to allow the doctor to clear the entire cancerous area.

The Mohs procedure takes a much more specialized and targeted approach to your cancer removal. During this procedure, our Mohs trained expert, Dr. Douglas Heiner, removes one layer of tissue at a time, examining each layer under a microscope before removing the next. If cancerous cells are present, he can pinpoint which areas require further removal and which areas are clear. Layers are taken until all margins, or edges, show clear healthy skin tissue.

Once the area has been cleared of the cancerous cells, the wound is given the post-operative care that is needed to allow it to heal, whether that be allowing it to close naturally, stitching the wound, or using minor skin grafts to close the wound. We provide the majority of post-operative care in our offices on the same day as surgery. When more advanced plastic surgery is needed, we refer our patients to a partnering doctor who often offers same day care as well.

While Mohs surgery can take up to a full day to complete, many patients find it to be the best solution for their skin care needs. Benefits include:

  • Cancer removal in one visit – Onsite pathology testing makes it possible for Dr. Heiner to be certain that he has removed all of the cancerous cells during the Mohs process, which has the highest cure rate of any skin cancer removal procedure.
  • Smaller wounds through targeted cell removal – Because the cancer is removed and inspected one layer at a time, Dr. Heiner is able to target the cancerous cells, taking as few healthy cells as possible, resulting in only the smallest wound necessary to provide clear margins.
  • Same day, same location cancer removal and wound treatment – In most cases, we are able to provide your wound treatment onsite the same day as your Mohs procedure. When you leave our offices, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your cancer has been removed and you are already on the road to recovery.
For more information about the Mohs procedure or to schedule a medical consultation, please call us at (623) 215-0911.